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  1. yPlease

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    Nov 1, 2018
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    First of all I would like to suggest that you we're able to add the item - Bone crusher & The charming imp to your tool belt, I was kinda disappointed to find that you couldn't add the bone crusher and the charming imp to your tool belt the whole concept of having a charming imp and bone crusher was to reserve inventory space. Now personally I would not like to loose the bone crusher or charming imp due to being killed whilst having it on me some where. I understand that also you would have to make an interface along with it so that you could pick what bones you wanted it to automatically bury and what bones you would wish for it not to bury so you could keep them.

    Second suggestion I would like to see happen would be a rework on the crystal key chest, I understand that this chest gives items such as skilling items, potions, armour & much more but at the moment the player base we currently have is next to none existent when i'm online I've seen about 2 different players online. Maybe it's still a good idea to keep the items that we have in the crystal key chest because we need to build items up in the economy for players to want to stay on Prodigy-X but maybe we should consider actually changing the drop rates of the crystal key chest for the time being.

    Third suggestion, whilst the player base is low and there is nothing in the economy could be enable the grand exchange to sell items to players such as armour and weapons if we had the respected money for that items, e.g say we wanted a whip and put the price at say something like 50m because of there being hardly any in the economy at the moment. Could we possibly buy that whip out of the grand exchange for that price without having to have players selling it? Or maybe you could just add some items to the shops for the time being until the player base rises and we gain more players with more in the economy. I'm only suggesting things like armour and weapons it would be an easier suggestion like :D

    Thanks for reading, please leave your feedback.
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  3. VictorTot

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