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    Fight Caves Guide:


    It doesn't matter of you dont have a good gear, if you are luring and using the right prayers, you wont get much damage.
    ****for MAGIC: go with the highest WATER spell you have on MODERN book)****

    Go on boat and on minigames go to Fight Caves:

    About the game:

    The Fight Cave is a large cave that has three 'rocks' that can be used as safe spots: Boot Rock (west), Lava Rock (north), Bottle Rock (east) and the corner of the lava pool to the south east which can trap even the small ones from the right angle. None of the safe spots work for small monsters, usually the tactic is to lure the monsters to a sharp corner. The monsters spawn in specific locations on the map. Known locations are the centers of each corner-pocket, as well as some in the central area.

    The rock outcrop to the west is excellent for trapping monsters.

    In this minigame, players must battle past waves of six types of monsters ranging from level 22 up to level 360, before facing the final boss, Lv702 TzTok-Jad. Each of these monsters require a different tactic by the player, though, due to the structure of the minigame, most of them are best fought from a distance. The monsters generally have high Attack and Strength, along with a special ability, but low life points and Defence. This means they will hit hard and often, but can be killed quite easily.

    - Tz-Kih(22)                   wave 1, (drains 10 prayer points each time he hits you, so kill it FIRST)
    - Tz-Kek(45)                  wave 3, (once you killed it, it transforms on 2 monsters with half of his hp and level)
    - Tok-Xil(90)                  wave 7, (use ranged protection)
    - Yt-MejKot(180              wave 15, (use melee protect, he heals himself and others, but if you are luring, he will never hit you)
    - Ket-Zek(360)               wave 31, (use magic protection, kill it after Tz-kih(22) and keep distance to prevent melee attacks!)
    - Tz-Tok Jad(702)           wave 63. (be careful to swtch prayers and don't panic, time to don't fuck everything)


    Melee: TzTok-Jad swipes at the player without warning using his right claw. This is the fastest attack, but if the player stays at a distance, they should not encounter it. If you are engaging in melee combat, protect from melee should always be on at all times unless prompted to switch by his Magic and Ranged animations.

    Magic: TzTok-Jad breathes fire shortly and lowers/bows his head before raising his front feet and emitting a fireball - the player must turn on their prayer now. Then, the spell will be fired at the player. Make sure to activate prayer before the ball hits you. If you fail to do so you WILL be hit. It is recommended to pray ranged defence, as this is his most common attack when he spawns, and to have auto-retaliate activated so that you can find him quickly to watch for his next attack.

    Ranged: TzTok-Jad slams down his front legs onto the ground, and large cracks will appear in the floor at his feet - the player should turn on ranged prayer now. As long as you activate the prayer before the hitsplat shows the damage will be evaded. If you fail to do this you WILL be hit. Next, a boulder will fall down on the player, which cannot be avoided by moving. Occasionally he will breathe fire at the start of this attack as well, it is unknown if this is intentional or not.



    - If you just have a Rune Crossbow, bring a melee weapon to kill the low level monsters faster

    - When the monsters are not attacking you, you can turn prayers off to save your prayer points or turn on soulsplit to heal without using Saradomin Brews

    - *IMPORTANT* Be careful, because sometimes, a NPC may spawn right next to you, so you have to walk around and lure it

    - How to lure the NPCs:

    CONGRATULATIONS! If you didn't get too scared you probably got your Fire Cape! 
    Remember to keep calm when Jad comes, its not to hard, and you don't need to be too fast switching prays.

    Fight Caves are easy, if you already know how to lure the monsters and what pray to use,  you just have to read this fast guide:
    Wave 1 - 62 : KICK ASS
    wave 63 : don't get scared, if you do you will probably die, so just keep kicking ass!!!

    I hope you everyone likes it because i had to make it 3 times because the forums bugged for me!

    [Green Hands] Nko Br.
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    You could also use infinity + polypore for low level mage, which is also effective. Or virtus/gano if you're high level with ABS and SoA.
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    good detail guide which is easy to understand and follow, keep it up !
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    Thanks for the guide, made it on my first try. ^^
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