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  1. GH11

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    Dec 5, 2017
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    Ingame Name: Gooiehead11

    Time played ingame: 416 hours and counting

    Average time played per day: around 4-5 hours weekdays after work. weekends pretty much logged on 24/7

    Timezone: Sydney NSW AEST currently 7.10 pm :)

    What time(s) are you usually on Prodigy-X? (e.g 3PM-7PM) weekdays 3.30pm - 10.00pm weekends 10.00am - 7.00pm

    Are there any days that you are unable to play Prodigy-X? not that im aware of unless i am scheduled to play in CG - ESl R6 competitive games.

    Can you join our Prodigy-X's discord channel? already a, ;)

    Do you have any prior staff or RSPS experience?: not at all but i have semi played the role of support by helping player's in the past when there are no staff on.

    Why should we pick you for this role?:i am an active member of the community that would like to lend a helping hand. also because of time zones when there are no staff on around when i play which can be frustrating for new players that want to seek help from staff when no one is on.

    Why are you interested in joining the PX support team?: been in the community for a bit now and would like to help with further assistance with the server help the player base and grow with the server.

    How old are you? (We do not need exact date, E.g:"I'm 24" will work just fine): 21 in 15 days

    What are your goals attempting to be apart of the Prodigy-X Staff Team:

    goals are to assist the community in anyway i can and help create a fun and friendly environment throughout the server.

    Obviously you have read our ::rules ingame if you are applying for Server Support,
    if there was one rule you could add/change/remove, what would it be? Please elaborate on why:

    most of the rules seem very fair but the player run games of chance. could be changed in a way were people can gamble certain items/amounts with a cooldown between gambles or a option that they can activate to permanently stop them from gambling. a small tweak just because i think players that love the play RSPS play just for the fun of gambling tweaking could bring in players just an idea.

    Have you ever been punished from one of the Prodigy-X Staff Team?

    If so, please be mature and professional and explain what the issue at hand was:
    not that i know of if i have im sorry guys.

    Tell us a little bit about yourself: 21 soon polish/spanish. i love soccer i use to play but not anymore due to an injury. soon as i finished school went straight into work. also love to play many genre of game's on PC.

    How would you deal with the following situations:

    A player is harassing another player:
    i would private message them saying that this is against the rules and that if they dont stop it can lead to a temporary mute @::rules

    A staff member is harassing another player:
    if a staff member is harassing another player with or without proof i would submit this to admins/owners of the server.

    A staff member is abusing their powers or being unfair:
    for example an admin abusing there spawn powers i would have to report it to a person higher in charge e.g owner

    There is a player you suspect of vpning or botting:
    if i suspect a player of doing this there would have to be further investigation and a report would have to be submitted.

    A player just logged in and started to advertise:
    would warm them and tell them to do ::rules as it can lead to temporary mute or permanent. if they continue it would lead to an account/ip ban by a staff member with those privileges.
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  3. Redrum

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    Oct 4, 2015
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    Met him once wasn't too thrilled and other staff has stated he seems full of himself so it's a -1 from me
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    Dec 14, 2017
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    many england! your london very good speak of!