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    Hello prodigies,

    As most of you may have noticed I've been nearly non-existent the past several weeks, working long days and weekends to meet a project deadline at work. I'm happy to say I've finally reached that deadline as of yesterday and I can now become more active in my development and management of The Prodigy Network. I apologize for not being more transparent with you during the time I was away, I know a lot has changed at Prodigy-X and the state of the community is very bad (if you haven't noticed, we've lost 50%+ of our traffic and player base). While it will be difficult to do, I hope you will give me a chance to bring the community back to life in the coming weeks and months. In our six years online as a community we have bounced back from a lot (like the 2 months of constant attacks on Prodigy-X in early 2015 when we had 200+ players online). I am confident we can do it again, but I'll need your help!

    The Prodigy Network

    I've had a lot of time to think about what I want to accomplish with The Prodigy Network over the past few weeks and I've realized that I never really went through with my original goal of making this network a "general gaming community". We started ProdigyCraft, our very first Minecraft server, we built a revamped 742 revision RuneScape server, and we've attracted over 8,000 users in 6 months - but there is still so much more that was in my original plan (https://rsps.theprodigynetwork.com/forums/threads/the-prodigy-network.3907) when I first started The Prodigy Network in September 2017.

    In the coming weeks we will begin building out the main community of The Prodigy Network at our primary domain (https://theprodigynetwork.com). This will be a third Xenforo forum that covers general gaming, allows you to socialize with other gamers (teamspeak & discord), organize matches, contribute towards hosting your own gaming server, purchase TPN gaming merchandise, and much more.

    I'll be looking for members to help me run this, including forum moderators, discord moderators, GFX artists, Youtubers, etc. If interested, be sure to post below or PM me.


    While I enjoy managing and developing RSPS, I've been doing it for six years now and want to expand on what we've accomplished together. The truth is that we (myself and most of our loyal PX players) are all older now, have jobs/school, and have less of an interest in RuneScape and more of an interest in new and modern games (PUBG, Fortnite, LoL, RS3, etc..). This is true across the entire RSPS community today, as the top servers are all Oldschool based now and don't hold more than 500 players online, versus the thousands they used to have in 2010-2015.

    While Prodigy-X RSPS will always be apart of this network, I do not see it ever being as successful as it was back in its prime during 2014-2016. I do not see it ever reaching 100 players online again (unless it were to be converted to a OS server). This does not mean that I will stop supporting it or working on it - I still think we can have a stable community of ~50 players online for as long as we want and I will work to make that a reality again in the coming weeks and months. So yes, Prodigy-X isn't going anywhere, we will remain a 742 revision server with weekly updates and a rock solid RS2 gaming experience.

    *Spoiler* OSPX is still a thing that has been slowly progressing in the last few months with the goal of releasing it at the start of this summer (May or June).

    More details and a 2018 roadmap to come for PX in the next few days... stay tuned!


    Our awesome Minecraft server (go check it out if you guys haven't already) released to the public in December 2017 and since then has acquired 1,265 unique users. This team, led by @Novalto has done an amazing job at building a high quality Minecraft server for our network, but they are facing the same decrease in traffic and players as Prodigy-X currently is. This is a server with great potential, something I can easily see reaching 100+ players in the coming months given the right amount of resources (time, money, developers). In the coming weeks we'll be putting together a game plan to get ProdigyCraft back on the rise in the MC community. I can't wait to see the success that comes out of this server! Stay tuned!


    I've never really shared with the community some of our most impressive statistics since our founding in January of 2012 so I thought you may find it interesting and exciting. Part of my goal as an owner moving forward as we embark on building The Prodigy Network is to be more transparent and offer you insights into what goes on behind the scenes, since I don't think a lot of you really know how much hard work, time, money, etc, goes into building something like this. I've had the privilege of working with some awesome people over the past six years, and I can't wait to see what our current team and future team members can accomplish.

    Users (unique): 102,000+
    Revenue: $200,000 USD+
    Page views: 2.6 million+
    Sessions: 440,000+
    Votes: 350,000+
    Concurrent PX players: 221
    Staff teams: dozens
    Developers: 14
    PX revisions: 508, 525, 637, 718, 727, 742

    Prodigy-X traffic, 2012 - 2017


    The Prodigy Network traffic, 2017 - 2018 (50%+ loss since February 1st, let's fix that)


    Let's turn this ship around, be successful and have some fun while doing it!

    As always, happy gaming,

    The Prodigy Network team
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    dont think ill be leaving any time soon, i quite enjoy the community even tho i cant play much due to work. good luck!
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    Am still in hospital, i dont know when im gonna get out of here. Cya hopefully soon!
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    does this mean 100% reply rate ;)
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    Although we've been through a lot of these posts, apologies for inactivity and all, I'm looking forward to developments in the near future. A more general gaming community is definitely appealing, especially if it leads to community servers in games like Counter-Strike and Garry's Mod. I'd love to tap into the more avid gaming community we have here, I think it would be a lot of fun to play with you lot outside of RSPS. If any of you want to chill on R6:S let me know.

    I'd be willing to help with Forum and/or Discord moderation. I have experience with both.
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    Nice! Good to hear other people are interested in the idea of a more general gaming community. Stay tuned :)
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    A good thing that can be done is Facebook advertisement, its not expensive and has good results, it worked for me once....

    If there is anything I can help just let me know !!!

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    I hope all works out in the end for you will.
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