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Overall; has the staff team done a good job meeting your needs?

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  1. MineTurtle

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    Mar 3, 2015
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    Dear Prodigies,

    Below is the current staff list, simply copy and paste the list and provide your feedback, keep everything constructive. I am not on the list since im not an official staff member but please leave feedback if you so wish

    [​IMG]William (Owner)
    [​IMG]Nosere (Web Developer)
    [​IMG]Tom (Developer)

    [​IMG]Adrian (Community Manager)
    [​IMG]Destr0 (Community Manager)
    [​IMG]Eric (Community Manager)
    [​IMG]Sam (Community Manager)

    [​IMG]Vic (Server Moderator)
    [​IMG]Kinben(Server Moderator)

    [​IMG]Stephen (Server Support)
    [​IMG]Murge (Server Support)
    [​IMG]Ashuri (Server Support)
    [​IMG]El Jason (Server Support)
    [​IMG]Sadness (Server Support)
    [​IMG]Devinn(Server Support)
    [​IMG]Redrum (Server Support)

    - Community Manager,
    MineTurtle (Cube)
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  3. Magilicious

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    Mar 28, 2016
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    I do want to point out that I really wanted to be honest here, and obviously some of you might not like my opinion or perhaps don't agree.. That's completely fine. If you want me to elaborate on your feedback please tell me, I am more than happy to do so.

    [​IMG]William (Owner):
    So about William, a real nice guy to be honest.
    Pretty straightforward man and knows what he is doing and especially why he is doing it. Listens to his players and that makes him a good owner in my opinion.

    [​IMG]Nosere (Web Developer): To be honest I haven't really talked much with you other than me asking you something for the website - which you did fast and good. The website looks nice, both the Prodigy X one and the ProdigyCraft one (I assume you made too).

    [​IMG]Tom (Developer): Nothing to say about Tom, don't really know him.

    [​IMG]Kieron(Developer): Have only been in a call with him like once or something, chill guy. Thanks for the PBE account on League mate.
    The server is doing good so I assume you did your job correctly.

    [​IMG]Adrian (Community Manager): I am probably not online at the times you are since I rarely see you. However, the times I did see you, you were helping out pretty well some important stuff.

    [​IMG]Destr0 (Community Manager): This man, is a legend. He does his job amazingly and I am honestly proud to know this guy.
    Every time he is online it makes me stay online too. Always ready to help or have a chat with people. Has a sense of humour and is always in a good mood! Simon has also been around for a long time so he knows a lot of stuff and seems to be enjoying what he does.
    This one is to be kept for sure!

    [​IMG]Eric (Community Manager): I got to be honest here, don't really know you that much but seems okay.

    [​IMG]Sam (Community Manager): Another one of my favourites! Sam, you are an amazing guy. You have a great personality and you do your job very well. Always in for a joke or two, and is fun to have a conversation with. You are eager to help people and are always ready to help anybody. You are one of the few staff members who (as far as I can see) take a close look at all suggestions and messages in Discord - which I think is really nice of you to do. Overal a great addition to the staff team and makes me smile a lot. Good job.

    [​IMG]Vic (Server Moderator): I personally don't see you online that much but that might be a difference in time zones I am not sure.

    [​IMG]Kinben(Server Moderator): I got to be very honest with you, I hate you a lot. You killed me like twice in the wilderness, sad..
    Alright, jokes aside.. I do think you could be online more than you have been recent, besides that you sometimes have an attitude which I don't really like. Nothing personal but you might just need someone that tells you this for you to realise you do.
    Definitely room for improvement, I am sorry.

    [​IMG]Stephen (Server Support): Stephan seems a really chill dude, knows what he is doing and I haven't run into any trouble with the man.
    Does his job really well and I cannot complain.

    [​IMG]Murge (Server Support): Close with players that's all I have seen so far, happy to help out when needed.

    [​IMG]Ashuri (Server Support): Haven't seen you online much, sorry.

    [​IMG]El Jason (Server Support): I don't really know you but I have seen you online enough to say that you seem like a really nice person.

    [​IMG]Sadness (Server Support): So Jose, obviously we had our jokes sometimes but I do have to say that you - like Kinben - have an attitude sometimes which might discourage players to stay online. With a name like Sadness it doesn't really seem like you want to help players.

    [​IMG]Devinn(Server Support): I am so happy you got to become a server support mate, you are doing very well! Devinn has a lot of knowledge and is really fast when people need help too. Great addition to the team for sure.

    [​IMG]Redrum (Server Support): Finally, we have Redrum. He is a really nice guy who is always up for a chat. I am happy to see you when I get online. Knows a lot - helps a lot. Keep up the amazing work. Very pleased.
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  5. Mike

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    Nov 20, 2017
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    [​IMG]William (Owner) great guy as iv said, always does what he believes is best for the server.
    [​IMG]Nosere (Web Developer) strong coder, never spoken to sadly
    [​IMG]Tom (Developer) tom is a laugh (and 5ft3) love talking to him in discord and gud coder
    [​IMG]Kieron(Developer) one of my good mates, best c0deur

    [​IMG]Adrian (Community Manager) gud guy
    [​IMG]Destr0 (Community Manager) good guy always fair, 100% support his promotion.
    [​IMG]Eric (Community Manager) legend, love u.. always happy to help.
    [​IMG]Sam (Community Manager) dont see you a hell of a lot, timezone probs but ur a good lad.

    [​IMG]Vic (Server Moderator) best mod
    [​IMG]Kinben(Server Moderator) good guy, u want whats best for the server 100% even if we dont agree all the time.

    [​IMG]Stephen (Server Support) n/a
    [​IMG]Murge (Server Support) good guy, seen him helping
    [​IMG]Ashuri (Server Support) saw u type twice in game before getting the promotion, unsure why u got it not seen u online since.
    [​IMG]El Jason (Server Support) gud guy, strong support
    [​IMG]Sadness (Server Support) gud guy strong support
    [​IMG]Devinn(Server Support) mature, needs to be a bit harsher with his 'stop flaming' etc etc but great guy!
    [​IMG]Redrum (Server Support) gud guy, needs promotion.
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  7. Dj Slimey

    Dj Slimey
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    Jan 31, 2016
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    Server Support

    [​IMG]William (Owner) Awesome Owner, best I've ever met.
    [​IMG]Nosere (Web Developer) Not much contact, but the few times we talked was good.
    [​IMG]Tom (Developer) I like Tom, he's chill.
    [​IMG]Kieron(Developer) N/A

    [​IMG]Adrian (Community Manager) Is good CM, helps with anything I needed.
    [​IMG]Destr0 (Community Manager) Is good CM, helps with anything I needed.
    [​IMG]Eric (Community Manager) Is good CM, helps with anything I needed.
    [​IMG]Sam (Community Manager) Is good CM, helps with anything I needed.

    [​IMG]Vic (Server Moderator) Helps everyone I've seen who needed help.
    [​IMG]Kinben(Server Moderator) Is good SM helps with anything I needed.

    [​IMG]Stephen (Server Support) Good SS
    [​IMG]Murge (Server Support) Good SS
    [​IMG]Ashuri (Server Support) Helps with all the stuff I've needed.
    [​IMG]El Jason (Server Support) N/A
    [​IMG]Sadness (Server Support) Not much contact, is good from the few times we talked.
    [​IMG]Devinn(Server Support) N/A
    [​IMG]Redrum (Server Support) Is good SS needs a promotion. (maybe a pat on the back)
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  9. Robin

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    Jul 17, 2015
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    [​IMG]William (Owner) Very good Owner, the best i've seen
    [​IMG]Nosere (Web Developer) NOOT NOOT, haven't seen him lately but the work he's been doing has been great. Good guy
    [​IMG]Tom (Developer) Not talked with him, but seen him around, seems like a good guy
    [​IMG]Kieron(Developer) Heard alot of you, done alot of work into the server, haven't personally talked with you but you sound like a great guy :h:

    [​IMG]Adrian (Community Manager) one of the chillest dudes on here, known you for a long time now. great guy.
    [​IMG]Destr0 (Community Manager) My man, he's a great guy and a very good CM. well deserved :h:
    [​IMG]Eric (Community Manager) The legend himself. The god on PUBG, went off-topic, great guy and very chill. easy to get along with :h:
    [​IMG]Sam (Community Manager) Haven't had too much contact with you but you seem like a nice guy.

    [​IMG]Vic (Server Moderator) Gud guy, I see him alot when i wake up and log in.
    [​IMG]Kinben(Server Moderator) Saw you alot when the server was recently opened, but don't see you anymore, might be due to timezone and what not. good guy though :h:

    [​IMG]Stephen (Server Support) Haven't spoken to you or barely seen you, can't say much.
    [​IMG]Murge (Server Support) i've seen you online sometimes but never spoken to you, so far you've been performing well. keep it up
    [​IMG]Ashuri (Server Support) Haven't seen or spoken to you, got nothing to say :/
    [​IMG]El Jason (Server Support) Haven't seen him recently but from past experiences when he was SS he was great.
    [​IMG]Sadness (Server Support) Taco man, really great guy, also very helpful. :h:
    [​IMG]Devinn(Server Support)
    [​IMG]Redrum (Server Support) good support, chill guy. Keep it up :h:
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  11. Sam

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    [​IMG]William (Owner) Good owner, great to see that he's taking suggestions more seriously more the server, reply to pms more and you're golden.

    [​IMG]Nosere (Web Developer) Hope you're doing okay nosere, haven't seen you in a while.
    [​IMG]Tom (Developer) Didn't know you could reach your Desk :^), hope you're doing okay in classes and get the grades you want, you've done great for the server so far, say hi to imaginary gf for me.

    [​IMG]Kieron(Developer) Responsible Developer, been there for me when I need server restarts and the such when NA team are sleeping, keep it up.

    [​IMG]Adrian (Community Manager) Crisp Muncher, great CM who interacts with the community well, hope to see you around more :h:
    [​IMG]Destr0 (Community Manager)My partner in crime for Team EU, couldn't ask much more from you, were like doubles of each other in many ways, keep up the great work! :h:
    [​IMG]Eric (Community Manager) Been great this month in helping Prodigy-X getting back to where it needs to be, especially when problems arise you can certain solve them the quickest and the most professionally :) :h:

    [​IMG]Vic (Server Moderator) Become more active this month, good to see, hopefully continues into February.
    [​IMG]Kinben(Server Moderator) We don't speak alot now, sucks but hopefully you're doing okay.

    [​IMG]Stephen (Server Support) Good Server Support, glad to see your helping people out, keep it up ^^
    [​IMG]Murge (Server Support) Good Server Support, my first actual promotion and its paid off, glad to see that it hasn't gone to waste, keep it up Murge :D
    [​IMG]Ashuri (Server Support) Haven't seen you since promotion, and you haven't been active an awful lot( apart from the good 4 hours yesterday i've been told :p ), don't continuous this pattern please and you'll be awesome
    [​IMG]El Jason (Server Support) Good Server Support, don't see you an awful lot now though, but it's more than likely Timezones.
    [​IMG]Sadness (Server Support) Where the flame at, Miss you jose :(
    [​IMG]Devinn(Server Support) Good addition to the NA team, had a good few weeks, hope you're enjoying it ^^
    [​IMG]Redrum (Server Support) See you on occasionally but i blame ANZ and their bad WiFi. Hope you're doing okay!
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