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    Nov 2, 2017
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    Faker and I are so happy for this server server and want something to do as we've done literally every worth it boss to the point where we want to make more suggestions for stuff for us to do. So we'd like to suggest a multi boss arena, This would consist of low to high tier bosses depending on the wave.

    Waves would consist of 2-4 bosses per wave of varying difficulties such as:
    Wave 1: Bosses: {Bork, Barrel Chest, Zamorak }
    Noteable drops: {Broav, Zamorak spear, Anchor, Subjugation, Crystal keys(1-25)}//fairly low drop rates
    Summary: This would be a pretty brain dead wave for shitters praying melee would pretty
    much all but counter this wave.

    Wave 2: Bosses: {Kree'arra, General Graardor, Commander Zilyana}
    Noteable drops: {Pets, Armours}
    Summary: We were pretty easily able to fight all of these without praying so
    to make this a viable wave you need all 3.

    Wave TBD: Bosses: {Hati, Blink, Pest Queen}
    Notable drops: {}
    Summary: This is actually a very hard wave :^)

    It'd be nice if later waves probably the last wave had a chance at primal obviously this would be a very very hard wave.

    I'll add waves as I think of them or if you have any suggestions i can add them.

    After each wave is successfully killed you have 2 options either climb the ladder and go to the next wave
    or open the chest and get the drops which will end the dungeon for that player (Players should be able to leave separately to others), Or if you die you get kicked out and don't get the chest.

    We were thinking Stealing Creation as the entrance because it looks snazzy.[​IMG]
    We are not sure if gamers grotto is possible to go to in this so we'll also take suggestions for this :^).

    the actual arena it'd be nice if you didn't have to custom make an arena somewhere but i'm not entirely sure if there are any good area's,
    But the general layout should be fairly wide open area with a ladder and chest side by side to progress or exit.

    obviously this isn't the final version :^) i'll add any good suggestions.

    Faker and I are willing to test the minigame to the fullest extent while having a smile on our face :).
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    I'm going to edit your post to make you look polite.