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    Quads Complete Mining Guide

    Getting Started

    To get started with mining you will need to visit the Prodigy-X general store by talking to the 'Shops Manager' located at ::shops and purchase a Bronze and Rune Pickaxe. Also I would add the Bronze Pickaxe to your tool belt.


    Beginning Levels

    The mining tele via the boat at ::home is not very efficient so I would personally avoid this. Instead click the home tele in your spell book and choose the Varrock Lodestone and head east to this location.


    Once here mine the Copper and/or Tin ore until level 15 and then move onto Iron ore. Personally I would continue with Iron ore until 99 or 200m as it's much faster to mine. However you could move onto Coal or Gold ore should you wish.

    Wilderness Training

    Another much better place to mine Iron ore would be the wilderness mine south east of the KBD Lair. To travel to KBD, use the boat at ::home and choose options Bosses > More options > King Black Dragon or 1 > 5 > 1.


    You will want to go to the below location


    Here you can mine 4 Iron ores on a rotation while only moving 1 square making it much faster and more efficient while also allowing you to use Mining Brawlers and making it the best way to get 99 or 200m.

    *Quick Tip* When using Mining Brawlers I would advise to only bring one pair at a time, as re-banking is fairly quick and enables you to make use of the ::empty command instead of manually dropping.

    *CAUTION* This is the wilderness so please don't bring any items you're not willing to lose.

    Bronze+ Donor Area ( ::dz )

    This area is located in the north west corner of ::dz and has all ores, There is also a Bank deposit box so banking ores is really quick. If you are going to mine in this area, I would suggest mining Coal ore for two reasons;
    • Closest to the Bank deposit box
    • Coal will be useful when smelting 500 Rune Bars for the Comp Req.

    Diamond Donor Area ( ::ddz )

    Here you can semi-afk mine Coal and Gold ore. You can just click once and ::empty inventory before it fills up to constantly be mining. While this isn't the quickest EXP is certainly is the most chilled out.

    Lava Flow Mine Minigame
    To get here use the boat at home and choose Minigame > More options > More options > More options > Lava Flow Mine or 2 > 4 > 4 > 4 > 2. This is one of the quickest training methods besides the Mining Brawler method but does require some concentration.

    How to play
    The Mini-game is split into 4 channels ( A, B, C and D ). One of the channels while have a blockage and its your job to clear it. To find the blockage you will need to click 'Check Steam gauge'. You will then receive a chat pop up as below.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    In the above example the blockage is on Channel C. To get the best EXP you want to mine at the Segment that has a 50% Flow Rate. To find this, move up or down the correct channel and clicking 'Check Steam gauge'. They will be in order, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% and 100%. So to find the 50%, check either side of the 80%. Once you find the 70% Flow Rate, you can just go two gauges along and it will be the 50% one.

    You will need to pay attention to the Game chat for the following message.

    'The flow blockage has moved to a new segment' means you need to recheck the channels to find the correct one, and then find the 50% segment.

    Tips and Tricks
    • Use Vote Reward Books to speed up this skill as it is one of the slower ones.
    • Use Mining Brawlers at the wilderness location on weekdays for best exp.
    • Make use of the ::empty command as bars can be brought on G/E and from summoning NPC for Smithing.
    • The ::empty command shortcut is the DEL key.
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    Nice guide, great work!
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    Really great guides you do there!
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    The guides are looking good man!
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