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    Welcome to Schabernak's Ironman Starterguide!

    First off, everyone can do his own way as ironman. I just want to help new iron's with some tips and
    informations i've gatherd while playing ironman.


    This is just an overall guide for ironman. You should look up for specifc guides in the guide sector, if they're needed.

    You can travel around Prodigy-X with the boat north at home!


    You should vote every 12 hours or as many times as you can! Charming imp, Multi cannon, blood necklace and the trickster set are pretty usefull items.
    As votereward you should pick at start crystal keys because you can get a fury, dfs, barrows peices and holy elixier through the crystal chests!


    You can buy bars at the summoning shops to make yourself cannonballs for doing corp or to smith unf bolts for fletch!

    do a job @the job-board once every 35 minutes for one of these skills: Construction, Summoning, Hunter and Prayer.

    Jobs you should do @the job-board: Ganodermic beasts, Rocktails, Magic Logs, Iron Dragons, Glacors, Revenant Dark Beasts.

    You can reroll your job 3 times @the job-board. If you still don't have the right job you can cancel it for 100k and get a new one. Repeat this untill you got the job you want!

    Once you've started should be either skilling or slay.

    Making some Money:

    Money is needed to buy yourself potions and runes.

    There 2 great ways of doing money for iron's.

    1. Slayer. Each slayer task you finish gives you about 2~3 Million coins. (Co-op gives more!)

    2. Killing avatars. Each avatar kill gives you about 1~3 Million coins while you farm Halos and Pet drops!


    Slayer is at start the best way to make your first few millions and also getting your combat up.

    Don't forget, you can spent 100 slayerpoints for 500k slayer exp! that speeds your leveling up alot!
    And let the Slayer Master teleport you to the task! just talk to him again after you got your task!

    You can craft yourself an slayer helmet after 10 completed slayer tasks, with an crafting level of 55. All you need to make the helmet can be found in the slayer shop.

    Dragon boots, Glory, Rune sets etc to start with can be bought in the shops manager by doing ::shops

    Once you've reached 85 slayer you can do abyssal demons tasks (on the job-board) while hunting yourself a whip!

    After you got a whip and a decent combat you should do the warrior guild minigame to hunt yourself the dragon defender

    After you got your dragon defender you should continue doing slay to a minium level of 95, to farm yourself full ganodermic at ganodermic beasts

    The job-board will give alot of exp for ganodermic beast jobs! combine them!

    After you've done slayer you have to skill your character just because you need skills everywhere as ironman


    Brawling Gloves are pretty pretty important for us iron's! since we don't get double Exp on weekends. So, train skills like crafting, slayer, fishing and so on (all skilling that cant be trained in wildy with gloves) because you can't use the gloves while bonus exp is activated.
    Other skills like firemaking, smithing and so on should be trained in the week to use your gloves for em.

    You can buy almost all supplies you need for skilling at the shop-manager at ::shops bars to level up smith can be found in the summoning shop @summoning

    start with crafting because you need it for either bolts and the ability to craft the slayer helmet. Crafting is also needed for making yourself an amulet of fury.

    After done crafting do herblore because you need to make alot of overload's to pvm with. Ovl's need an herblore level of 96 to make them.

    Smithing is needed to make yourself a dragon fireshield once you've got an visage drop

    Fishing and cooking is needed to fish and cook yourself rocktails.

    mining is needed to get yourself living minerals for rocktails

    Dungeoneering for your chaotics

    99 Summoning is a must have to speed up your QBD kills by a damn lot!

    Fastes ways of getting skills to 99/200m Exp:

    Buy bars at the summ shop, smith em into unf bolts with your brawling gloves on the anvil near the mage bank and put feathers to em for best fletch exp in-game!

    Do living creatures tasks by training slayer to farm yourself living minerals to fish yourself rocktails. A good way to combine 2 skills.

    Cook the catched rocktails in the wildy, while wearing brawling gloves cooking.

    The fastes way to get charms is afking with magic the ape toll dungeon while using a charming imp. Another nice way of combinding 2 skills at the same time ;)

    Magic trees take about 15 minutes to grow. Have an eye on your clock if you want max farming exp.

    Fastes way on getting herb to 200m exp is doing extreme ranging potions since you can do 27 per inventory!


    Dungeoneering should be trained once you've reached max melee/range stats to get yourself an chaotic rapier and crossbow

    Fight caves to earn your firecape

    Fight Kiln to earn your kiln, which is way better than the maxcape! remember that!

    Warriors Guild for your dragon defender. Speeds up your slayer kills by alot!

    Dominion Tower is a really MUST DO once you got your vesta/morrigan's armour. Swifts are needed for almost all bosses you will go and conquer!

    Wildernesschests for getting yourself a set of (i) Rings! like Berserker/Seers/Archer/Onyx and with some luck an amulet of fury!



    One of the first places i recommend to go are glacors to hunt yourself the best boots you can get as ironman.

    Another good place to start gearing your character are revenants to get vesta, zuriels and morrigan. Vesta is the second best melee armour you can get! Morrigan is the third best armour for range on this server.

    After you got your armour and chaotics you should head to do some dominiontower for your swifts, spellcasters and goliaths!

    Now you should got dominion gloves, chaotics and vesta/morrigan's. Next step should be QBD to farm yourself and Royal Crossbow and/or Ganodermic!

    Tip for qbd: while using your steel titan bring about 4 summoning flasks with you! you drink 1 dose of the summoning flask every second titan spec! so you can spec without an limit!

    You should own now a set of Gano and a Royal Crossbow. Time for the big Bosses!

    You could choose now between doing Corporeal beast for your divine or doing nex to get the Max-Tier Armour.

    You really need a multi cannon for doing corp. Spare your votes for that since it's the most important things if you want your divine.

    Now you should be ready for maxing out your ironman!

    Best of luck!
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    good stuff dude!
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    Great looking guide man, keep it up.
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    Guide looks great man, nice job :D