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    Nov 4, 2017
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    So, after i got asked to make this guide, here we are.

    Welcome to Schabernak's Tormented Demons Guide!

    How to get there:

    Use the boat north of home. Choose bosses > first page > tormented demons. Remember to have a free inventory space for the darklight you will get!

    Overall Tips:

    Use 5 magic logs on a bonfire to get 10% more hitpoints because it makes saradomin brews will heal more!
    You could use a titan to speed up but i prefer using a unicorn for it fast and big heals.


    99 Combat Stats
    70 Prayer
    Chaotic Crossbow/Royal Crossbow


    Vesta/morrigan or better
    Royal Crossbow and Chaotics
    89 Summoning for Unicorn

    The Inventory:

    Remember this is just an example on how it could look. Use a Whip instead of rapier etc!


    The Armour:

    You basically need to hybrid the demons. Means you have to use Ranged and Melee to kill these.
    And remember these pictures are just examples on how it should look!
    I just swap the weapon mainly because it's just 1-2 hit and you have to swap again. You can bring some more gear to swap but tbh, i'm to lazy for it ^^

    High-Tier set:

    Low-Tier Set:

    The Fight Mechanics:

    The demons got 3 Main-Attacks. Melee, Ranged and Magic. They also got a random Magic Splash attack which hits pretty high and often so pay attention on your hp! The splash attack looks like the magic attack.

    They Randomly change her attack style so pay alot of attention on her movement, to see, what style they attack with! Gifs are below to see how it looks!

    The demons also use overhead prayers. They just use melee and range and change it every like 300~400 damage they get.

    Tormented Demons Melee Attack

    Tormented Demons Range Attack

    Tormented Demons Magic Attack

    The Fight:

    Original version of the fight:

    The fight always starts with your Darklight to drop her Barrier/Shield, otherwise you couldn't hit em.
    Next look at the overhead Prayer of the demon, he will pray against Melee or Range and choose the right weapon.
    After like 300~400 Damage he will change his Prayer to Melee or Range, depends on what he had already on and you attacked with.
    Pay attention on her attack style and her prayer and switch your weapon and/or armour for the right style to attack with.

    How i farm td's:

    Grab some tanky gear like the high-tier armour and just pray against magic.
    You may grab an unicorn for some extra health but you shouldn't need much food this way.
    So start with the darklight and break their shield. once it's down use your Rapier/rcb. You almost can 1-hit td's when you get lucky with your rcb and your swifts so always grab the swifts!
    You can see my way in the video below!


    Dragon Claws
    Ruined Dragon Armour Lump
    Ruined Dragon Armour Shard
    Ruined Dragon Armour Slice

    Best of luck hunting your own Claws!
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    yay finally a tormented demons guide, thanks so much! :h:
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    Oct 4, 2015
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    Your guides are looking awesome man, keep it up :)
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  7. Schabernak

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    Nov 4, 2017
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    Added a video with my own way to kill em. Maybe will help some out. Cheers
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    Great guide, keep up the good work!