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    Hello prodigies,

    I apologize for the delay on this update log. Many of these changes have actually been live on the server the past two weeks but I have not gotten around to posting until now due to IRL work priorities. The team has been putting in more great work and we've just announced our first toplist advertisement and our push towards new game content in the coming weeks and months. We've spent a lot of our first month and a half back online working on bug fixes and QoL improvements, but now its time that we shift focus towards providing you great, new unique content. Keep your eyes peeled for a new PvM boss this weekend! :)

    • Fixed hiscores, they should now perfectly track and rank based on when the player achieved their 200m in a skill or maximum overall experience. No more losing your rank due to timing.
    • Fixed bug that deleted needle in inventory while crafting and added needle support to the toolbelt
    • Fixed the familiar option, it was buggy and had to spam click it for it to work, the right-click option also didn't work
    • Buffed flax spinning speed
    • Brand new server logging system that tracks a players every action with great detail so we can resolve issues with ease from now on. All of the following things are now logged:
    • Experimenting with the drop viewer interface for a better user experience, switching from percentages to rarity categories (not live yet, please give us feedback):


    • Added Ring Mould to Crafting Shop
    • Living Rock Patriarch now drops 50 - 100 Living Minerals
    • Increased runes drop from Infernal Mages & Coins
    • Added 10 more Trivia Questions
    • Rock crabs now drop Bronze Boots
    • Bloodvelds now drop Helm of Neitiznot
    • Eric & Adrian have buffed Dragon's Eye rates from Sunfreet to be a little more common
    • Eric & Adrian have buffed the rarity at strange face with Dragon's Eye to 1/25 - 1/50 (RNG is still a factor)
    • Glacors drops are now buffed for skilling supplies massively
    • Chicken outfit pieces have now been buffed 0.4% on all of them
    • Removed a Nulled item from Bronze Dragons
    • Black Demons Herb supplies are buffed to drop 5-10 Noted Herbs

    • Re-enabled the dominion tower and changed the rates
    • Slightly buffed Woodcutting gathering rates with a slight nerf in experience
    • Fixed the dungeoneering bug were you couldn't cook Vile fish in the puzzle room
    • Made it so that all pick pocketable npc's now have a chance of giving random amounts of items rather than just set amounts
    • Fixed dwarf traders animations when thieving from them
    • Buffed stun times throughout thieving
    • Fixed all of grotworm lair (Dungeon shorcuts/proper npc's/drops) including a hotfix for slayer not counting towards task (thanks to @Dj Slimey as well)
    • Cleaned up the boat dialogue with more direct teleports in the grotworm lair (1st level/second level/bottom level)
    • Fixed a severe bug causing people to freeze and close the client before they could do anything
    Brand new Diamond Donor Slayer Cave: (thanks to @Stephen as well)
    • Made a teleport at DDZ to teleport to Diamond donator slayer cave (on the north wall west of the slayer masters)
    • NPC's added to Diamond donor slayer cave: Spiritual mages SW, Ganodermic beast's W, Dark beasts NW, Living Rock Patriarch(for faster mineral collecting) N, Gargoyals NE, Abby demons E,
    • Abby Spectre's SE. (8-10 npc's in each spawn)
    • Added the box of healing inside of the teleport room
    • Added a bank inside of the teleport room
    • Added a return teleport crystal that can only be used within the cave to retrun to the starting point of the cave so you can bank/heal fast. The item is untradeable and will delete from your inventory if you try using it anywhere else.
    • Added Kuradal at starting point for faster travel to high level task



    As always, happy gaming,

    The Prodigy-X Team
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    Feelsbadman when DDZ slayer caves was my idea :'(
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    Server Support

    Feelsbadman when grotworms are done because of me :'(
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    Sorry, I was not aware :p Updated with your credits.
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