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    Sep 16, 2014
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    Hello prodigies,

    We've got an exciting update log this week with some brand new content we've been working on, including a new PvM boss, the skeletal horror. As promised we're turning our attention towards new content over the next month as well as continued QoL improvements. Our next focus will be improving the overall slayer system :)

    • Fixed experience books
      • Boost is now the same as BXP weekend boost
      • No longer stacks with BXP weekend
    • Custom map for the new skeletal horror boss
      • No cannons allowed
      • No safespots
      • Multi-combat area
    • Implemented holy wrench
      • Drops at 2.00% rate from skeletal horror and is untradeable
      • When in a player's inventory it:
        • Cuts prayer drain in half in all areas
        • No prayer drain at all within barrows
    • Completely re-did the item bonuses system, now works better than ever:
      • Now loaded through a single .json file, contains all the items
      • Easily editable if changes are needed to be made
      • Now reloads if ::reload command is used
    • Bonesack now gives 10% extra prayer experience when worn in cape slot
    • Implemented the skeletal horror drop table
    • Fixed item examine packet for capes
    • Replaced rarity percentage in drop viewer with colored strings instead
    • Made some changes to account properly for skilling option dialogues with more than 6 options available
    • Glassblowing:
      • New crafting method is now available, works properly with molten glass and robust glass
      • Dialogue should now pop up when you click craft on both of the items
    • Drop Chance Averages:
      • Yes, these are now a thing, 100K loots of each monster with a valid drop table have been calculated and will now be displayed in the drop viewer interface
      • Averages will be displayed on 10,000 loots, we have 100k loots saved but didn't make sense to display more
      • The chance in 10,000 shows how many times you should receive that loot in an average of 10,000 kills/loots
      • Average drop chances will not display for NPCs still using the default drop table or for NPCs which averages have not been calculated
        • Admins should be able to re-calculate those 100,000 loots by using ::recalculate npcId and then reloading the server data to update it
    • Drop Viewer:
      • Drop averages will now display under the rarity string
      • Displays average of loots expected in 10,000 kills/loots
      • Will no longer display "Cave horror" whenever examining an attackable NPC
        • Admins should now be able to see the npc id in the title bar of drop viewer interface. (Facilitates finding ids for drop table changes or to recalculate averages)
    • Adjusted Master Farmer's rewards while pickpocketing to have noted forms of the items
    • Glacors now drop 5-50 Armadyl runes
    • Added Summoning Potions to the store
    • Added Static Drop of Armadyl Runes to Glacors & Buffed Armadyl Runes drop
    • Added Berserker ring (i) Archers' ring (i) Seers' ring (i) to Announcements
    • Added Berserker ring, Archers' ring, Seers' ring to Announcements
    • Added Dragon Hatchet to Announcements
    • Ironmen can now group dungeoneer with other ironmen players
    • Changed the amount of time of collecting rewards to have less of a delay during thieving
    • Reworked all of thieving to have less of a stun rate while not wearing any multipliers (Ardougne cloak 3, gloves of silence, H.A.M items, Thieving master cape and black ibis)
    • Reworked with Eric all of thieving npc's to give multiple items in noted form rather than filling up your inventory
    • Reworked all thieving npc's to give more cash if you get the cash reward
    As always, happy gaming,

    The Prodigy-X Team
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    Server Support

    This is really nice to see, I applaud everyone for there hard work.
    I love the big chuck of updates, always puts a smile on my face.
    Really happy about the Ironman update thanks. @Adrian
    As always I look forward to the next batch of updates and am eager to try out stuff from this update.

    Skele horror is awesome! I love it, I want more content like this so I can't wait for the slayer update.
    The only thing I would say is I think a few more bone types should be added to the drop list other then that it's perfect.
    10/10 guys.
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  5. Murge

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    Dec 14, 2017
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    "Ironmen can now group dungeoneer with other ironmen players" Isn't the point of ironman doing stuff alone?
  7. William

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    Sep 16, 2014
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    Most of our ironmen system is oriented towards solo gameplay, but this was highly requested from the community so we decided to implement it due to the already challenging nature of dungeoneering.
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  9. William

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    Sep 16, 2014
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    Thanks, will definitely look into adding more bones to the drop table. Slayer update is going to be a ton of work but will really benefit everyone, can't wait for it myself :)
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