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    Sep 16, 2014
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    Hello prodigies,

    The website has changed significantly since we were last online. For starters, we have three sub-domains now:

    • Switched to a brand new web host, great hardware and even better DDoS protection
    • Installed high quality Comodo SSL to all of our sub-domains (https for the win)
    • Upgraded Xenforo forum software to 1.5.14; Updated all plugins
    • Enabled 2-step authentication for all forum administrators
    • Enabled high-level password strength (more characters, more numbers, more symbols required)
    • Moved all images that were hosted externally to our host, no more broken images
    • Cleaned up our website databases, removed a lot of unused tables/data
    • Tons of styling improvements to forums and vote/store/hiscores
      • Better looking navigation bar with 6 links
      • Decreased the width of the forum container on all devices
      • Scrollbars are now styled on google chrome/firefox
      • Fixed broken forum avatars
      • New play now / download button
      • Added discord widget to sidebar
      • Hiscores has 2 new sidebars (one for skill selection, one for game mode selection)
    • Hiscores now has 4 modes (regular mode, prodigy mode, ironman mode, pvp statistics)
    • Hiscores now shows combat level and completion percentage
    • Store now uses an updated PayPal script which works with SSL (more secure payments!)
    • Created an "Archive" forum for all old announcement and update threads
    Fortunately, I've been able to get Nosere back on the team for website development soon. He will be doing a big port of the website to the CodeIgniter framework, which means improved performance!

    Our landing page and Minecraft site will be worked on in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

    As always, happy gaming,

    The Prodigy Network Team
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