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  1. White wall

    White wall
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    Dec 28, 2017
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    Ingame Name: White wall / White's alt

    Time played ingame: 463 Hours

    Average time played per day: 3-7 (Dependent on when i finish work)

    Timezone: UTC + 12:00 (New Zealand)

    What time(s) are you usually on Prodigy-X? (e.g 3PM-7PM): 4PM-9PM (This may vary depending on real life work schedule)

    Are there any days that you are unable to play Prodigy-X? I am able to play most days.

    Can you join our Prodigy-X's discord channel? I am already a member of the discord channel.

    Do you have any prior staff or RSPS experience?: I have been an owner of several Private servers of my own, although they weren't exactly successful I always put my all into them.

    Why should we pick you for this role?: I personally think i would be a good pick for this position because i am a passionate member of Prodigy-X throughout the years, I began my Journey with prodigy in late 2014.

    Why are you interested in joining the PX support team?: I am interested in joining the Prodigy-X staff team because i feel that i can bring alot to the table, I feel that i would be perfect for this position as I am living in the New Zealand Timezone, where i find that not alot of staff are active during these hours, I would be able to act & assist players as they need it.

    How old are you? (We do not need exact date, E.g:"I'm 24" will work just fine): I am 18 Years old.

    What are your goals attempting to be apart of the Prodigy-X Staff Team: My goals of joining the Prodigy-X staff team are to help the community flourish with ease, I have completed what I would like to in terms of Ingame Goals e,g Stats, wealth etc. I am now more focused on helping Players around. I feel i have been in this community long enough to be able to help anyone without hesitation.

    Obviously you have read our ::rules ingame if you are applying for Server Support,
    if there was one rule you could add/change/remove, what would it be? Please elaborate on why:

    Rule 12, Wilderness Harassment. I would remove this rule and this is my reasoning why.
    I feel that it is the players responsibility to understand and accept that once they enter a dangerous zone that there should be no rules and that anything can happen. It is apart of the Real RuneScape game so I believe that it should reflect on Prodigy-X.

    Have you ever been punished from one of the Prodigy-X Staff Team?
    If so, please be mature and professional and explain what the issue at hand was:
    As far as i am aware, I have not to date been punished by a Prodigy-X staff member.

    Tell us a little bit about yourself:

    A little about myself, My Real life name is 'Reece' I am currently 18 years old & i work full-time as a Plumber Apprentice at a local Plumbing outfit, I have recently gone through alot of Real-life changes in terms of changing my every day routine from Going to school, to going to a workplace full-time. (I left school an obtained a real life job) I am currently on route for a 4 year Plumbing & Gas fitting apprenticeship. My passions are RuneScape (Obviously), Clay Target shooting (to which i was a member of the school team for about 4 Years), I enjoy the outdoors and getting my hands dirty. I am also fascinated with the world Of Programming, I have learn't a little of Java & Python through trial/error and have built some pretty neat things. (All RSPS Related).

    How would you deal with the following situations:

    A player is harassing another player: Politely ask the Player to stop harassing Players, if they ignore my request I will warn them once more, then continue to temporarily mute that player.

    A staff member is harassing another player: Private Message the staff member and alert him/her that they are breaking rules and tell them they need to stop it immediately and apologize.

    A staff member is abusing their powers or being unfair: Screenshot the abuse, attempt to defuse the situation, if i fail at those then take the necessary action & punish the staff member in question, then report it directly to William / Other owners.

    There is a player you suspect of vpning or botting: I will monitor them, & if i suspect that they are indeed breaking a rule i will inform them of what rule they are breaking & warn them, if they continue to ignore me i will take out a punishment and either; Remove the players ability to vote in the case of VPN voting, or Jail the player botting.

    A player just logged in and started to advertise: Immediately IP/ Hardware ban the player without warning. Advertisements should not be tolerated whatsoever.

    Thanks for reading, Looking forward to your response.
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    I'm rooting for you :party:
  5. Keiron

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    Oct 11, 2015
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    Not a bad application, goodluck!
  7. White wall

    White wall
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    Thanks =)
  9. White wall

    White wall
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    Appreciate the feedback!
  11. Chott

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    Jun 15, 2015
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    Nice app, goodluck. Supported
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  17. White wall

    White wall
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