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    Yung Gravy
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    Feb 2, 2018
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    Ingame Name: Yung Gravy

    Time played ingame: 140 Hours, quickly rising

    Average time played per day: 5-10

    Timezone: US East (-5)

    What time(s) are you usually on Prodigy-X? M-W-F : 6:30p-2a T-R-Sa-Su: all day

    Are there any days that you are unable to play Prodigy-X? It would be very situational.

    Can you join our Prodigy-X's discord channel? I am already in the Discord Server

    Do you have any prior staff or RSPS experience?: I was a P-Mod on a smaller server called Kyle Scape. I grew to know the owner very well. At peak times there were usually 10-15 online.

    Why should we pick you for this role?: I am very involved with the current, and steadily growing, player base. I help as often as I can. I help fresh players as much as possible without entirely holding their hand. Outside of gaming, I have quite a few years of experience running businesses. I manage a chain of movie theaters on the east coast of Florida. I think that this gives me a particular advantage in handling support seeing as in my work life I deal face to face with customers.

    Why are you interested in joining the PX support team?: Frankly, I play a lot. I also think that my experience in game, as well as real life skills will make me a great fit into the community.

    How old are you?: 21 years

    What are your goals attempting to be apart of the Prodigy-X Staff Team: I hope to be a friendly player that many players recognize, and can be a great help in the community as we continue to re-grow ourselves.

    Obviously you have read our ::rules ingame if you are applying for Server Support,
    if there was one rule you could add/change/remove, what would it be? Please elaborate on why:

    Real World Trading -

    I would change this rule, and here's why. Donating is a form of RWT. If a player decided that they enjoyed their experience on Prodigy-X but they decided it was their time to leave the community I see no harm in RWT. But that's where I believe the line should be drawn. I think that a bosser should not be allowed to sell their drops for IRL $. ONLY players who do not plan on returning to the community should be allowed to "cash out". But where's the insurance you might ask? "Quitting Cash Out's" should need to be approved by a staff member, and once the player is completely finished, their account should be disabled. This way if they choose to come back to the server at a later date they will be forced to restart. This would ensure that they would not have an advantage on return via stats specifically to restart then want to "cash out" in another month or 2.

    This all may seem unsafe which is why the staff approval is needed. The staff member would essentially be a middle man, accepting the in game items and PayPal payment from both parties before issuing items/funds to the respective players. I think that Staff should be the only with this ability because they are given a huge amount of trust to begin with by being a staff member.

    Have you ever been punished from one of the Prodigy-X Staff Team?
    If so, please be mature and professional and explain what the issue at hand was:


    Tell us a little bit about yourself:

    Hello! My name is Justin, and I have taken the in game alias "Yung Gravy" (yes inspired by the rapper). I reside near the wonderful East Coast of Florida. Which means every time there is a rocket launch, by any provider but primarily SpaceX at this current time (Blue Origin, owned by Amazon is making a come up though) I get to see stunning pictures. By day, I am a regional manager for a chain of theaters here on the East Coast. By night, I am hugely involved with ProdigyX. I also like to take time to spend working on my car. Unfortunately my avatar is not my actual car, but it is the same type. 2016 Ford Focus ST. I certainly do love to wrench from time to time, but doing it alone sucks.

    How would you deal with the following situations:
    A player is harassing another player: Temp mute and jail both parties for 30 minutes. If the harassment continued after this period I would have to go about this on a case by case basis. Would probably end up in a "Temporary" Perm mute that they would have to appeal.

    A staff member is harassing another player:
    Depending on the specific staff member, I would immediately contact their higher up, or someone on the same ranking as them (admins specifically). This is entirely unacceptable from my HR oriented brain and if I witnessed it I would document the interaction carefully so that any important details could be relayed.

    A staff member is abusing their powers or being unfair: I would also immediately contact their higher up, or someone on the same ranking as them (admins specifically) in this case as well. I would in the meantime try to figure out the problem and try to diffuse the situation in a timely manner. If nothing else could be done I would apply a "temp" perm ban so that a higher staff member could analyze the details and figure out what to do from there. I would take as best documentation as I could so that it could be reviewed by said higher up.

    There is a player you suspect of vpning or botting: In this scenario I would try to confirm that these actions were legitimate or not. If they were illegitimate I would follow protocol, being "removal of vote rewards and locked voting" and "temp jail"

    A player just logged in and started to advertise: As fast as I could I would apply a mute to the player. If they continued to re-log I would network blacklist their network so that they would not be able to access the server at all.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and review my application. I look forward to hearing from the team soon!

    -Justin aka. Yung Gravy
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